Read How To Add Your Google AdSense To The Wapka Site

After reading this guide on "Adding Google AdSense to the Wapka site", you can set up your ads and manage your revenue.

Step 1: Apply to Google
Once you have a fully functional site with a Google-approved privacy policy, ask Google AdSense. Google will send an e-mail to verify the e-mail address you provide and follow the instructions provided. Once you have verified the information, the Google AdSense team will receive your request and review your website. The review is likely to take a few days, so keep posting on your site as usual.

Step 2: Ad Settings

Once the account is approved, sign in and get the HTML code you paste into your web page. The code is on the "AdSense Settings" tab. You can customize the appearance of the ad; Choose between image or text ads, or a mixture of both. Once you are done with customization, just cut and paste the code on your website.

Step 3: Paste the Google AdSense code into your website

Be sure to insert the code on your website in HTML. The Livecity WYSIWYG editor will allow you to do it easily.

How to paste the Adsense code into your Wapka site?

Log in to your wapka site and click: :: EDIT SITE (#) ::, click on the WML / XHTML code abd add your google adsense code there!

Step 4: Your earnings

Once the earnings of your Google ads reach a certain amount the first time, Google will send a card by mail with printed characters on it. Sign in to your AdSense account and enter the characters (PIN) before you can receive payments. The duration of the delivery of the card depends on your place of residence and the threshold defined by Google. You only need to do this once during the life of your account.

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