Powerful Use google Translate For Webmaster 

Google has been very helpful in almost all areas of technology. In the domain of

Web Search, Google has the advantage with the Google search engine, which is actually my favorite. (I also suppose) In addition to the search function is mainly known, Google also has other products such as Google, Chrome, Google,  Maps for mobile, Google Apps for Work, AdSense, Earth, Custom SearchGmail, Drive, DocsSheetsDrawings, SitesCalendar, Translator, Google , Blogger,

All of this is wonderful tools that cover both our social needs, office or business, geo, media, games, finance and research. Great collection, right?

Well, I will tell you more about Google Translate, which is so essential for a webmaster or interested Blogger

I have seen online forums and sites where foreign visitors come, read what is there (perhaps through translation), and then make comments with their own language. But no one answers. Comments simply hang there without attention. While the webmaster / blogger responds in English or in the language he understands, all that concerns is omitted. But to be honest, it is unfair and does not increase the return of visitors to your site. This is where you set Google Translate.

This is a screenshot when I recently Google Translate.

As you can see above, replying was so easy. I just typed in english, instantly got the translation and then replied immediately using the same language. Isn't that cool?


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