Mozilla Firefox Download Focus for iOS Here

Mozilla has just released a new browser called Firefox for iOS Focus. It is an awesome browser that still runs in private browsing mode, and also blocks all web ads and online enthusiasts.

Firefox Debugging comes with a single tab, there is no support for bookmarks and the browser does not save the story. There is a button at the bottom if you choose to open a page in Safari. When you have finished browsing, simply tap next to the address bar seen the Delete button and delete everything that was done in the browser. When you are in the iOS Multitasking menu, the contents of the browser will not be visible.

In addition, Mozilla Firefox also blocks the robots Focus Analytics, Social Trackers and Default Ads. If you want to continue to reduce the download size of the page, you need to block web sources.

In addition, to the point can also be integrated into Safari, so if you want to use Safari, you can use focus just like ad blocker in Safari.

Where to download FIREFOX FOCUS?

Firefox Focus is now available for free on the iOS App Store. You can download it Here.


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