Mozilla Firefox For Windows, Android, IPhone, Linux and MacOS Clicks Version 50

Our browser -Mozilla- beloved that was published at the time in 2002, has reached version 50. However, it has not been easy for Mozilla Firefox since the launch of its competitors, starting with Internet Explorer then Google Chrome. On this subject, he does not deny the fact that he remains a popular browser.

Mozilla Firefox Version 50 did not save much update users, but if your browser is set to update automatically, you will not notice any new changes to the new update. But there are some interesting features that you do not know has been added. Here are the additional features of the Mozilla Firefox 50 release are presented.

Play video in more places without add-ons with support EME WebM in Windows and Mac Widevine

• Improved performance for SDK extensions or extensions using the SDK loader module

• Downloads Additional protection for many types of executable files on Windows, Mac and Linux

• Increased availability of WebGL over 98 percent of Windows 7 users and newer versions

• Added local Guarani (gn)

• Search option on the page that allows users to limit search to whole added words

• Keyboard Shortcut Updates

• A set of Emoji built for operating systems without indigenous sources of Emoji (Windows 8.0 and later and Linux versions) was added

You can get the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 50 for Android, Windows, Linux and MacOS.


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