Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook Is Dead ... Maybe You Too

A "terrible mistake" was blamed for the accidental death of a virtual number of Facebook users, none other than Mark Zuckerberg. Thousands of social networking users connected to their accounts discovering that they had died after Facebook experienced a strange mistake.

The stories of many people were commemorated as friends who were invited to "recall and celebrate" the lives of the "dead." The mistake led to Facebook users had to reassure their relatives and friends who were still alive and kicking.

Facebook has approached since the problem and issued a statement expressing regret. A spokesperson said, "For a brief period today a message for the commemorative profiles was mistakenly posted on other accounts. It was a terrible mistake that we arranged very sorry that this happened and work As soon as possible.

Did not give any reason for how Facebook managed to kill so many of its members on Friday but comes at a time when many people feel after the election of Donald Trump who are in fact Dead and living in hell. Facebook not only could not explain why the problem occurred, but also how users were selected by a premature death - and evil.


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