Management of Facebook, WhatsApp and sms messages in an application: Drupe

With all the messaging applications available for your Android phone, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and old SMS app trust, managing quickly can become chaotic and confusing. Fortunately, recently a small application called Drupe Play Store, which allows you to manage all your email applications and send messages from an ideal location was launched.

We have found the perfect application to help you take control of your many, many email applications / © GIZNG

Once you have installed Drupe, collect all your contacts and email applications, list your contacts in a bubble to the left of the screen and icons for your different e-mail applications right. From there it is just a matter of dragging a contact to one of your email applications to immediately open the application and start writing a message to your chosen contact.

Another feature that will please fans drupe cleaning is the fact that it can condense all the notifications of your contacts in its different messaging applications to a single Drupe notification. This means more congestion in the notification menu.

You want to manage all other email applications on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and all in one place? Now you can. / © Drupe
Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe

To have constant access to Drupe you can configure it to display a four-point non-intrusive logo on the left or right side of the screen that appears on all the applications that you opened at that time. This makes it very easy to simply drag and drop into the Drupe list of your contacts and email applications and the absence message.

It is not often, we receive a lot of praise in an application, but the manufacturers (and Google itself) has not yet found good internal solutions quickly and carefully to manage the various messaging services on your device. Drupe is designed so well that it almost feels like a characteristic of Android actions, and will take all your WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook and other messaging services under control.


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