Label Labeley Maker: Creating Stickers With The Labeley Application

This article will introduce you to the labeley application and how to use it.
Custom labels and stickers are used for a variety of reasons. They present an easy way to mark your effects with your favorite design or embellish almost everything. We use them to turn a boring notebook, laptop, mobile device, wall or other flat surface into a fun and personalized environment. Also, we apply them in kitchen storage jars, cans and containers to easily identify what is stored there. Those who like the preparation and planning of parties use stickers to add a personal touch to everything from glasses, bottles, centers and place cards, and improve and clarify any state of affairs. Do not forget how these pieces of colored paper are very useful for the holiday when we need to wrap and decorate many gifts for our friends and family.

However, labels and labels are also used for commercial purposes. People who want to promote their products spend a lot of time and resources in creating attractive labels that will attract attention and give customers the opportunity to take note of its brand. We all see this kind of labels and stickers on a daily basis, right?

The conclusion is that labels and stickers never come out of fashion. Therefore, today we are presenting a tag generator called Labeley and we will show you how to use it.

App Labeley is a manufacturer of free labels online to create professional-looking labels for any occasion. As it is a web-based tool, completely free and easy to use, anyone can access from anywhere and anytime. The only requirement is to have a computer and an Internet connection. Let's see what the Labeley application has to offer:

Five different categories (general, children, beer, wine and holidays) to create any kind of labels and stickers.

Simple interface that requires no knowledge of the design.

Create and upload as many drawings as you want without logging in and providing personal information.

Customize five different elements of the label (shape, background, border, graphic, text) and a huge database of free drawings made for each item.

Extra function to load an image of your hard drive and completely customize your design.

Option to store your label templates for other changes if you register a free Labeley account providing your e-mail address.

Using the Labeley application?

To start creating your labels, go to and click on the green start button design. The next step is to choose one of the proposed categories. This will take you directly to the interface of the tool. The only necessary step is to choose a shape for your design. Everything else is optional. You can add border, background, graphic, text or upload images to your design, then move, resize and rotate all items to your liking. When you are finished with your design, simply click the Save button and upload your label by clicking the right mouse button and choosing the Save As option. You can do so many times without even logging in. And if you want to save your creatives and access them later, even from another computer, you can log in and find all the tags in My Creations.

The next time you need a special sticker to convey a specific message, do not waste your time and money searching for templates on the internet. Just go to Labeley and create custom labels in minutes.


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