How To Highlight, Copy, And Extract Text From an online Image

Have you ever thought of extracting the text content from an image? It sounds just impossible? Well, I reveal the trick I use to extract the text content from an online image. I can not even choose to do the same thing in the images on my device.

I know that most of you have been looking for ways to extract the text content from the pictures, maybe it has met some inspirational quotes or image motivation, and I think to put down the Content of the text. I'm pretty sure you do it manually, not knowing that you can easily copy the text and paste the image.

You can even copy a funny picture dating text and some nice memes, do not need to do it manually again, but this method of copying and pasting, and the content of the text becomes visible. Sometimes it can be a long text in an image, as computer graphics, comics, picture documents, memes, or any other content of the image. Just look at the mouse cursor highlight these images and voila.

How to highlight, copy, and extract text from an online image

Well, there is this chrome name extension "Project Naphta", is a tool that automatically applies state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms on every image you see while surfing the web. The result is an intuitive and intuitive experience, where you can highlight, copy and paste and even edit and translate text before trapped inside an image. This is simply incredible ...

Therefore, what you have to do is simple.

Download Project Naptha    Chrome  extension  and add to Chrome browser.

Search for an image online and try to highlight the image, then copy and paste elsewhere. The picture above is just a sample of how I made the text content of the picture online.


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