How to Change WordPress Login URL For Security

The main reason for changing the connection URL is to protect your site against security attacks from brute force. The default WordPress connection is http: // yourwebsite / wp-admin and it is obvious that everyone knows. By changing the name of the URL completely eliminate any raw connection strength.
To rename the WorPress URL we’ll be using a verified plugin called Rename wp-login.php

What makes the complement
Renaming wp-login.php allows you to change the default URL of your WordPress login page "http: // yourwebsite / wp-admin" to something other than the default. The supplement will change from "" to "". Once changed, the page wp-login.php page will return a 404 "Not Found" This means that the only way to access the login page uses the new custom URL that you created.

How it works?
When you install and activate the plugin, you will be automatically redirected to Settings -> Permanent Link to change the login URL. Basically, you'll see "" with a small text box next to it.

Do not forget the new URL, both as wp-login.php as / wp-admin / disabled when the plugin is enabled.

Note: This module does make changes to the database, disabling the plug-in, everything will return to normal.


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