How To Activate WhatsApp Free Call

This is a method to activate WhatsApp call function, depending on your Android phone, without any invitation. One of the Reddit users found a complicated method to get WhatsApp call function even if you have no friends.

Officially, the Indian user can not use the free voice call if they already have another invitation you use this feature. Previously, we reported that WhatsApp began to launch their calling features Indians free voice users. But the function call WhatsApp free comes with a plug, is only available for those who have friends. Therefore, you need to find someone who already has the free call feature.

In addition, the free call function WhatsApp is available in the latest version are not available on the Play Store yet, but you can download the latest version of WhatsApp apk 2.11.508 our site.Below is the method for the d function Call on your Android phone WhatsApp when you have an invitation already uses.

Note that WhatsApp's calling voice feature is valid only for Android phones. The user with Windows Phone or iOS to wait a few days for this. Download WhatsApp 2.11.508 APK for Android and follow the instructions below to activate voice call on your Android phone without invitaion. Finally, he added this new feature.

Note: The above method is uncomplicated and some of you may have the treatment of difficulty. The easiest way to get the call function is to drop your numbers, then politely ask the person who already has the official guest of that application. The story and get the voice call function on your phone. Leave your questions below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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