How to Activate Net And high Resolution videos and photos on Facebook charges

You noticed a big difference between the quality of photos and videos on your phone and the versions you download on Facebook, you can not imagine things: By default, Facebook mobile clients upload photos and videos with adjustments Lower. We will correct that.

When you load media from your phone to Facebook from the mobile application for iOS or Android, the app is configured with configurations that are compatible with cellular data that dramatically reduce the quality of their winnings. It is remarkable with photos if you have an eye for detail (and you watch them on a big screen computer after the fact), but it is beyond obvious with the video. The mobile video loaded with the default settings seems to have been saved with a mobile phone was 2005. (Just look at the comparison above if you do not believe me, it's exactly the same video, Facebook loaded into the Left version).

Obviously, the low resolution settings could be great for storing data, but absolutely horrible for quality. Fortunately, it's very easy to change the low resolution setting to the high resolution HD setup by default. The only disadvantage, as you already guessed, is that increased use of cellular data by downloading larger files.

A big warning before continuing: for an inexplicable reason, the Facebook mobile app for Android does not support HD video downloads (but the Facebook website for mobile). Since the Android application Facebook has always lagged in features, you may want to give and use the mobile site.

How to activate HD loads

With only a short walk in the setup menu, you can increase the quality of their winnings in a matter of moments. While we use Facebook for iOS, you can apply the same changes to Facebook for Android as well. Start the application and select the menu icon in the lower corner.

From the menu, select "Settings".

From the pop-up menu that appears, select "Account Settings."

Scroll to "Videos and Photos" and select it.

In the "Videos and Photos" menu, you will see the default state, which is "Up HD" off settings for video and photo.

Enable or disable one or two settings.

Now, when you download new content from your mobile device, the resolution of your photos and videos will be bigger and your videos do not seem to have been recorded on a webcam of the 1990s.


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