Download Game Zombie Derby v1.1.35 + (unlimited money) Mod for Android

Do you want to survive? True men have two favorite things; Cars and weapons. And no stinking zombie apocalypse will change that. Take control of your car to see how far you can get and how many zombies can kill - and if you can really escape with his brain intact. 6 cars are available to achieve the final strength, each able to gradually hold more loot. Ranging from simple and classic collection Redneck Hunter and Hard Sledge and Franco-silly Harvester, enjoy throwing these body sluts on the lines of the undead. Each is highly customizable, with 15 upgrades including tip bumpers, improved tires, polished engines, and more ammo, fuel and nitrogen. With 5 locations to cross, beautiful 3D graphics and messy bodies, Zombie Derby game is a murderer. How much can you get before you arrive?

• 6 deadly cars to drive

• 5 great levels to explore

• Massively customizable vehicles

• Gory 3D graphics

• Compatible with HD devices

• Addictive

"In the end, Zombie Derby is a polished and playable game, with well designed controls, good presentation and deceptively addictive structure Groundhog Day" - PocketGamer - Bronze Award

8/10 "Easy to play, hard to put." -

7/10 "Zombie Derby is an entertaining title that puts a different twist on the kind of zombie." - New

4/5 "If you are a fan of fast cars and destruction, then this is a game that is good for you." -

4.5 / 5 "Zombie Derby is a high quality game for those who are fascinated by the world of zombies." -

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- Zombie Derby 2 is out! More unity, more zombies, more fun!

- regular bug fixes




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