ASUS Launches Two Versions of Zenfone 3 Max In India

ASUS has a real love for its family Zenfone 3 and have developed the series so that it can cater to almost all markets and customers with the wide range of screen sizes, processors, RAM and every other specifications and also For different budgets. For this reason it is easy for them to take only one or all series and take them to a new area for launch as we saw in the Zenfone 3 Max just released in India now.

For this particular version, ZTE introduced two variants of this device with the first main screen of 5.2 inches and the other with a screen of 5.5 inches instead.

Looking at the larger model has more than 3GB of RAM with 32GB of internal storage space under the 1080p screen and on the back is a 16MP camera that is paired with the 8MP shooter on the front. Supporting dual SIM and fingerprint technology, draws power from a 4100mAh unit and sell at INR 17999 ($ ​​270).

On the other hand, we have the 5.2 inch variant also has 3GB of RAM and internal storage space of 32GB in the same way. It differs from the camera is a 13MP unit on the back, 5MP camera in advance and uses the same 4100mAh battery supports dual SIM card while the sensors and also the digital fingerprint. In total, it sold INR 12,999 ($ ​​195)


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