This Are 5 Mistakes We Kill The Battery Daily

I am writing this post to deal with mistakes we make while using our daily smartphones.

The characteristics of our smartphones do not allow us to go for an hour without trying to delve into something funny or conventional. The batteries in our cell phones are the highest specifications we want and hope - More milliamps, more sustainable power.

When it comes to battery life, always want and still get your hands on these devices. Devices like the L6 and L8 Techno comes with monster battery capacity, but if your mobile phone comes with an average capacity of the battery, there are still ways to improve their capacity.

1. Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot

While browsing the web, most of us intentionally or not change our Wi-Fi access point detected connecting the battery. It is a draining of the battery, especially if there is no device (s) connected to it.

And turn off the WiFi !!! Just turn on when a Wi-Fi network available in your area.

2. GPS

Disconnect device location on your device could greatly reserve life of the battery. Most applications require GPS location to be on for access to applications, try to limit them from time to time to save the battery and prolong its life.

3. Display Brightness

Aside from draining your vision (eyes) light too bright screen. Increasing the light from the screen of your phone to the maximum can significantly reduce their autonomy.

Try adjusting the brightness of the screen or drive to save your eyes and vision. In addition, they try to adjust the 30-second timeout screen a minute to increase the life and battery life.

4. Charging

Okay, most of us often make this mistake when it comes to recharge our devices.

When using the device, do not let the constantly unload battery 5 or 0 percent all the time. Sometimes a complete draining of the battery causes swelling and also reduces the life cycle of the battery - I bet you did not know!

And always ensure 100% of full load before disconnecting the battery, leave the unit 20 minutes after 100% charge.

5. Background Apps Things

The activities of our aircraft on substantive drains more quickly than our business in the forefront of battery.

How ???

When you receive WhatsApp messages by reading this article, it certainly means that WhatsApp is running in the background while the device is in the foreground GKlited.

Try to stop the background process.

In Android, go to Options >> developer scroll down under Applications >>> background process limit press >>> set to any number of your choice.

For Android devices 4.4 KitKat, press the build number ten times at the possibility of opening developers.


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