Samsung Sales Partners Calls To Halt Sales Of Galaxy Note 7

Since the launch of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has faced the problem of reports that units burn, which ultimately led the company to announce a formal withdrawal of the phablet.

Since then, Samsung has gone through the recovery process and submit a change initiative that saw hundreds of thousands of units have prepared "safe batteries." Unfortunately, since these replacement units have begun to find their way in the real world, the company has faced an increasing number of reports that replacement units to catch fire.

As a result, wireless operators, especially those of the United States, took it upon themselves to stop sales phablet completely, and cancel any exchange of new units for customers who had not yet taken his original model. At the same time, Samsung confirmed that it had temporarily suspended production of the Galaxy Note 7 Alignment completely, as he worked to find the root of the problem.

However, Samsung had to do something, and any other memory is likely that, until then, people have focused on retailers and airlines have been canceling the phablet sales, waiting for Samsung to make your own movement.

This eventually happened, as Samsung has officially requested that all trading partners to stop selling the Galaxy Note 7 immediately. The request is for all of its business partners worldwide.

"We work with the appropriate regulatory authorities to investigate recently reported cases related Galaxy Note 7."

Samsung said all the Galaxy Note 7 units in the hands of consumers, including replacement units must be switched off and adds that owners must move forward with a replacement device - which is not a Galaxy Note 7 - or return to your unit for a refund.

At the same time, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said it is still working on its own investigation into the fire Galaxy Note 7 units.


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