Pixel XL Sells For $ 24 Outside The US Through Best Buy

For US residents who would like to get themselves a unit of the newly launched Google Pixel and Pixel XL, which would be very good news for you at this time to know they were lower prices in the region and it can actually be a proud owner of any such detail what was announced at the launch.

Leaving too many stories and go to the main essence of the day, you can get the Pixel XL 744 $ now by Best Buy, which means they have reduced a decent $ 26.

If you still go to a store or Google Verizon website, you see it Wold has not manipulated the price information at all and remains on the first $ 770 that has been there for a while.

Do not forget that this case becomes even sweeter because they are both packing gift card $ 100 and free Chromecasts for you if you pre-order them. With shipments scheduled for October 20, the rebate was applicable to both silver and black color options.


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