MTN Ultimately Without Tricks To PC Using The Freedom-VPN

Hi friends !! I will reduce free navigation MTN cheats for PC users this time. We will use your freedom VPN. One thing you need to know about this trick is that when navigation is slow and very slow when downloading. Just take well. I'll tell you use Google Chrome for this trick just experience.

I will briefly explain what Tu-vpn is freedom;

Their freedom is an all-in-one VPN tunnel firewalls and proxy anonymous circumvention and anti-censorship.

Now back to biz. Let me get right to it.

MTN 2Bfree%%% 2Bbrowsing 2Bcheat


His line of MTN

Your USB modem

Your Windows PC

His freedom Credentials

Register your software freedom and activate your account with them (if not previously registered)

Take note of your username and password

After that, download the latest software for their freedom from their website.

Then install it on your PC

Thus configured el-MTN FREE CHEAT Free Browsing

Click Set

In Su-Liberty Tab Server Address Enter the name of XML = or server (two works)


Log drop drop Mode => DNS => Select TWEAK MTN NIGERIA

For the Select and ticks, 1,3,7,6.

After creating it, just leave the rest as it is and move on to the next step.

Now Info log entry in your account account Tab. (Your username and password)

After that, click SAVE

That's settings. Now for the next steps.

Now it's time to connect the MTN modem using the default connection settings. Do all this and return to their freedom and click Connect.

Once connected, configure your browser as follows:

Explorer Address proxy address

Port: 8080

It's all about the free scan using MTN Your Freedom VPN on the PC.


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