Huawei Has $ 50 Price Cut In Honor 8 Per Day

To Celebrate Columbus Day in the United States, Huawei to decide to fulfill (every pun intended) discovered the great man and the establishment of a very good deal on Your honor 8 of the device has recently launched there.

On October 10, you are then able Would cette unit to deliver key brand-June under honorary pay $ 50 South discounts and price le même original agreement can be by the Bias available Their favorite stores, tells Best Buy and Amazon. For the 32GB model, all of which has now spend only $ 350 and $ 400 is the new retail prices ranging 64GB biggest day for this.

For the  saw honor 8 Smartphone We HAVE 5.5 inches Who offers the UN performance Kirin 950 chipset Coupled with 4GB of RAM, 12MP Two US support for a camera and June battery life 3000mAh large enough pay Stay.

Quality features in Reason country, rapid charging technology, it is Color Safe Que Vous pouvez Increase Your Until the battery only Half A period in time for the operating system 30 minutes EXECUTE marshmallow on android 6 0 Who custom built operating system on it.


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