How To Install An Application Twice In Your Android Phone Without Root Access

Hey guys, who met some people who have the same app installed on your phone and wonder how they manage to do it ?? Well, it is as simple and as a matter of fact, Don; not even need root access to do so. So today I'll walk you through on how to run a single application twice on your Android device. You may have come across such applications as ZOTO, whatsappcall, mCent and other credit Similar gifts for free calls and you can have one or two more of the same application on your other Android smartphone to run multiple accounts. So the following tutorial will show you how. Please relax and follow the guide to have installed twice on your Android smartphone application.


How to run multiple instances of the same application on Android

If you have ever tried to run multiple accounts of an application on your Android phone, then you should know that this is not as easy as it sounds. Although there are many ways to do this trick as possible for Android devices, but the roots are very complicated. That's why I decided to publish it easy and simple to run multiple accounts from a single application of the method of the device.

Installing an application twice in Android

In another application to install itself twice on their Android phones, necessary

Start by downloading this application called parallel space in the link, it is the best and simple application to do this work trick - Download Space Parallel

It will redirect touch the store, where you can now download the application and is automatically installed on your device.

After downloading the app, open the app and you'll see a " " on the home screen of the application.


Click the sign, it will show some applications that have already installed on your device, and the screen.


Now add the application to run on multiple accounts, and will be redirected to the main screen of the app, you'll see the desired application here, click it.


Here! the same application is launched, with new data, such as application was installed there a moment. You can use a direct application of the application of Parellel space, and a second version of the application can be used regularly from your App Drawer. Here's how you can run multiple accounts in one app on your Android phone.


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