Google Pixel Can Be Offered By Other Companies In The US Soon

Google made a strange movement with the launch of its first series of smartphones that carry its own brand and ditch the Nexus system naming, and that is the option to release only one carrier in the United States.

So you would get your phone unlocked either inside the store or Google Big Red stables, some customers are not happy with it and yet the Android giant could seek to be happy in the coming weeks or months because some reports began to suggest that the exclusivity if the agreement is only a timed question is bound to happen soon.

We recommend that this information is made, no matter how juicy it may seem to you at that time, with a pinch of salt because there is no official information to suggest that it is the truth or just a piece of rumor.

Our own end, however, we thought it would be more commendable to consider launching through another company in the United States, reaching more people and provide better choices idea.


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