Fingerprint Scanners Can Actually Reactivated Xperia X In The US

Since Sony began designing and selling its newly launched Xperia Z line-up terminal and the family, who had the strange habit of removing fingerprint sensors for units that meet the US markets and for that, they gave no explanation for the reasoning behind this act of theirs.

However, we now know through the research conducted under the hood, instead of removing the components that allow the operation of the device with a fingerprint scanner, have been limited to the removal of some software limitations and that means one thing - it can be reactivated.

Therefore, this courtesy can be extended to units of the Sony Xperia and Xperia compact X X also launched in the United States without the scanners through a simple procedure.

If you want the fingerprint sensors to return on board with the power and work for you, all you have to do is flash high-end devices to another area other than the United States and restore the software even allows usage of this feature.

Xperia X can be great in the US market again, do not you think?


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