Download Secret Agent 3D v1.0.2 APK Rescue Mission for Android

Play as MAX agent to remain hidden spy Stealth Games
MAXXIMUS agent! intelligence agency had recruited and trained to keep intact our national security. Operating under the radar, live spy life; accomplish secret missions to kill or die stealth spy difficult play. Shaped like a ghost in public, for operation, the display will move quickly and stealthily skills to steal information. Pull projector lock choice and move from shadow to shadow to attack enemies with deadly force. Show shooter designed with suppressors silenced pistol, assault rifles and sniper gun.

Hospital infiltrate the city taken by the intelligence against Mercenaries
Max agent! Keep the lid shadows for stealth operations. It becomes a ghost remains out of sight of the enemy game and stealth spy cameras. Stay behind the cover wall and the barriers to attack melee passing guard. Mercenaries took hostage office staff, who try to steal sensitive information. When the dark night hidden behind enemies and snap his neck guards with quick movement. Infiltrate the enemy end of the security zone the server before going online information. training missions now show more spying powers elite and stop stealing files from the blacklist. Save other spies to be dishonored by nation. The intelligence office wants you to kill any possible zero civilian casualties threat by any means necessary.

Aid hostage escape and disarmed C4 planted in Asylum City I
satellite fellow secret agent Tennyson Hacked and all plans to help c4 disarm the bombs planted in the basement of the city hospital. Search all floors, rooms and patient rooms to disarm all explosives to save plastic building mental asylum. enemy intelligence agency planning a network outage to steal sensitive information by decoding the encrypted data in the Deen desktop system. Kill the terrorists stealing information and selling crime syndicate. Dispose of hazardous members of the terrorist cell and save the innocent hostages in emergency situations.

Has Rival battle espionage and secret agent
coordinates all Agent X LockDown mission in the GPS navigation system to the terrorist cell. Follow the clues and maintain insurance coverage as a police officer for reconnaissance. Use goggles and night vision silent SMG gun and MP4 silent warrior skills kills.Use Ninja to kill enemy guards on the roof and hallways. Keep our best secret identities safe from the rival agent agent spy agencies. So silent assassin hired main office building safe and do not let them breathe alarm assignment or failed to achieve.
Securing American intelligence agents data Fellow
Some traitor sentenced to inform their enemies on this asylum, which forms the best spies in the United States. Now the main building infiltrate the enemy and trying to steal files and locate information. They want to jailbreak plan and help your fellow double agent escape our high-security prison facilities. As an elite spy trained face hazardous operations. Ten Agent your job is to stop the enemies who steal military information collected. Use clearly basement underground elevator move upstairs. Stay in tasks doors dark shadows. Kill the high profile target for the access code for electric locks. Collect the doors lock in real time.
Secret Agent has 3D Rescue Mission:
★ very difficult mission stealth game for espionage goods
★ picking in real time and hacking carrier game
★ Spy Gadgets silent weapons, night vision and melee attacks
★ I.A armed enemies semiautomatic rifles base
★ red light to maintain the minimum visibility
★ Intuitive controls and 3rd person FPS
After the success of Secret Agent Spy Game stealth sequel you game.Feel recent drama and intense game play available on Play Store for the free offer. Secret Agent download Rescue Mission 3D to relive the life of a spy and agent of theft or murder spy game of stealth missions.



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