Apple Watch Banned From U.S.A Cabinet Meetings Due To Hacking Fears

Apple Watch has been banned from U.S.A cabinet conferences due to worries that it is at risk of hacking. Ministers fear the tool can be used as a listening device by using Russian spies, but it was previously allowed in cabinet conferences under former top Minister David Cameron.

The Telegraph reports that Apple’s wearable, which presently claims a 7 percent percentage of the worldwide wearable marketplace, has been barred via new PM Theresa can also, along with cell phones. “The Russians are seeking to hack the whole lot,” one supply said.

Fears have been heightened after hackers received personal emails from the Democratic country wide Congress at some stage in the U.S. election. Russian hackers have also been able to obtain clinical statistics for some of the world’s largest athletes.

Former chief Whip Michael Gove, who often wore an Apple Watch in the course of cupboard conferences under Cameron, once disrupted one meeting via accidentally gambling a Beyonce song. He became “surreptitiously checking his emails” however pressed the wrong button, his wife explained.

Apple Watch is currently the sector’s most popular smartwatch. Its proportion of the market is passed most effective through Fitbit and Xiaomi, which manufacture more cheap fitness trackers. It doesn’t appear like Apple Watch series 2 demand will change that any time quickly.


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