Apple Sued In France By Nexendi Over 'Incomplete Support HTML5 "in Safari

Apple has made an order that the browsers available on the iOS App Store must use WebKit open source company, which amended Nexendi development company in mood.

The company, which is a developer and service provider, has officially filed a complaint against Apple before the French courts, under which it is believed that Apple should "quickly support the latest web standards and HTML5 in the platform iOS . "the company claims that, in years, Apple WebKit was delayed for offers from other companies in terms of HTML5 support.

As reported by Apple Insider, require all Web browsers use Apple WebKit is at the heart of the problem. rendering web reciprocating engines are not allowed inside the iOS App Store, and many other browsers are available, they need to run WebKit.

"Do not allow the publication in Apple AppStore web browsers not based on its own WebKit Apple raises in our opinion the same problems as in the case of Carrefour (similar to Walmart company) has not been sell beans, but those Carrefour seed based, "said founder Jean-Paul Smets Nexendi on the law that the company uses. "This may be legal in other countries, but in France, probably not."

Nexendi already out of their way to suggest its base of users Safari on MacOS leaves and use an alternative. However, you can not do the same for iOS, even if you want, because the head of the company said they learned that "iPhones are the dominant devices with a loyal user base," and abandoning the platform completely is just not an option.

The hearing is scheduled for February 4, 2017.


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